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How Do You Report Consolidated Shipments in the AES?

By: Shannon Barley This blog is intended to help exporters file the AES record and use the “One Rule” to determine if goods make up one or multiple shipments. Let’s use a simple scenario to walk you through the necessary … Continue reading

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International Trade University Webinar – CLAS 101

On April 16, we held our 3rd webinar in our International Trade University Webinar Series–CLAS 101: Classifying Your Product (Schedule B). Don’t worry if you missed it! You can still benefit from our new information packed webinar. Click to watch … Continue reading

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International Trade University Webinar Series–Begins March 19

By: Anna Owens Our spring semester is about to begin! We will be hosting 10 FREE webinars that will give you targeted training on: Foreign Trade Regulations Automated Export System Guidance on classifying your product Bureau of Industry and Security’s 600 … Continue reading

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Reporting Gold Dore in the Automated Export System (AES)

By: Byron Raney All that glitters is not necessarily 100% pure gold.  Gold dore is a semi-pure alloy, which is a mixture of different kinds of metals.  How you report gold dore in the Automated Export System (AES) depends on … Continue reading

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Watch our FREE Webinar: Classifying your Product

On June 24, we held our second webinar in The Basics of Export Compliance Summer Webinar Series, which focused on Classifying your Product. If you missed our exciting new webinar, click here to watch the recording for free! Our classification … Continue reading

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Kilograms? Dozens? Gallons? What to Report as the Unit of Measure

By: Clara Santiago-Bello Reporting the correct unit of measure in the Automated Export System (AES) is important for producing quality data. According to the Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States (Schedule B), the AES … Continue reading

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Trade Term: Harmonized System

By: John Sperry Though I joined the Foreign Trade Division in July, I still find myself exposed to new trade terms. During my first assignment to learn how to use USA Trade Online (UTO), I was introduced to this month’s … Continue reading

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I’ve never seen this pop-up before? Did the system change?

By: Eric Gauthier As previously mentioned, AESDirect has a new platform and new servers. As part of the transition process, some changes were made to the checks and validations in AESDirect. Let’s take a look at changes that have generated the … Continue reading

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Domestic vs. Foreign Origin

By: Melannie Belton Exporters often ask: “How should I report a shipment for goods with the same schedule B, but composed of domestic and foreign origin?” You want to be sure that you are accurately identifying the origin of your goods … Continue reading

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How do I get a Schedule B?

By: Justin Jenkins How easy is it to purchase a car? There are so many kinds of cars and options available. First you have to decide whether you want a coupe, sedan, van, or SUV. Then you have to choose … Continue reading

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