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Shipping Goods from a Foreign Trade Zone to Puerto Rico

By: Katrina R. King Cars and car parts, pharmaceuticals, electronics, machine parts, clothing articles, wine and spirits are all examples of goods that are withdrawn from a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and shipped to various places including Puerto Rico on … Continue reading

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How Do I Report a Foreign Trade Zone with Upcoming Regulatory Changes?

By: Michael Simmons Did you know in addition to Foreign Trade Zones having a general purpose zone and a sub zone, that some zones also have a site location?  Previously only importers were required to report the site identification number … Continue reading

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A Tool for Foreign Trade Zones

By: Archie Nelson If you want to know why Foreign-Trade Zone programs are important to the U.S. economy, try OFIS. OFIS stands for Online Foreign-Trade Zone Information System. The program was demonstrated at the 2012 National Association of Foreign Trade … Continue reading

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U.S. Working with Canada to Improve Trade Statistics!

By: Melissa Scott In my previous post, The United States – Canada Data Exchange, we went over the agreement between the U.S. and Canada to exchange import statistics. Let’s now talk briefly about the operations involved in the data exchange that help … Continue reading

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