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Trade Term: SCAC & IATA

By: Kenny Mayo The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) code are used to identify the carrier that transports the goods out of the United States. Before selecting a carrier code it is important to … Continue reading

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Exporting Vehicles to Canada

  By: Autumn Banks Are you exporting a used self-propelled vehicle to Canada? Did you know that you are now required to file export information on your vehicle to the Automated Export System (AES)? Do you need help understanding this … Continue reading

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A Sigh of Relief…180 Day Grace Period for the Revisions to the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR)

By: Daniel Cariello The new export reporting requirements have captured the attention of both experienced and non-experienced exporters. Between new exemptions, deleted exemptions, new definitions, modified language… it can all seem a bit daunting at first. To help you out, … Continue reading

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A Look into Foreign Trade Zones

By: Michael Simmons What are Foreign Trade Zones? Why Foreign Trade Zones? If you’ve thought about expanding your trade efforts, there are many advantages for using or operating a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). You can ship, store, assemble, or manufacture … Continue reading

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What Is A Used Vehicle?

By: Eric Gauthier It is always a great moment when you buy a car. It does not matter if it’s used or the dream car that you always wanted since you were a kid. Even if it has over 100,000 miles, … Continue reading

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