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Stories from the Real Export Emergencies: Episode: 4 How does this “policy” work?!?!?

By: Nyitre Rodgers Scene: Storm clouds were forming all over the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. It was rush hour,  which means the storm would just further impair the traffic. Just as members of the AES staff entered the building the … Continue reading

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What Difference Does a Couple of Cents Make?

By: Josephine Ocheni When reporting the US dollar value of your commodity in the Automated Electronic System (AES) make sure  that you do not report the cents. AES doesn’t accept cents. Foreign Trade Regulation 30.6 (a) 17 states “Report the value … Continue reading

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Resources in Spanish for the Trade Community

By: Eric Gauthier An objective of the Foreign Trade Division (FTD) is to obtain the most accurate export information possible. As part of our efforts to accomplish this and to have as many parties as possible reporting their Electronic Export Information … Continue reading

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Make sure your AESDirect company account information is up to date!

By: Rosanna Torres There are many reasons that you may need to update your AESDirect account. For example: the registered Account Administrator might have left the company, the e-mail address on the profile might have changed, or your company simply might … Continue reading

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