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What’s This I Hear About the AESTIR?

By: Sean Kline If you’ve heard about a thing called the AESTIR (ey-steer), but don’t know exactly what it is, then this is the blog for you. The Automated Export System Trade Interface Requirements (AESTIR) defines the data requirements that … Continue reading

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Doing Business in China 101

By: Iris Kapo, International Trade Specialist, US Commercial Service Specialists from the Commercial Service can help you overcome challenges in the market and reach specific goals. Below are some tidbits of knowledge that stemmed from this year’s American Association of … Continue reading

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How Much Of Our Exports Come From Manufacturing?

Made in the U.S.A. With almost 300,000 establishments and 11 million employees, manufacturing plays a major role in the nation’s economy. So much so that about 6 in 10 U.S. export dollars come from manufacturers. Click on the Infographic below … Continue reading

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ALERT! Delay of the effective date for changes to the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR)

By: Daniel Cariello Fresh off the press today, the FTR final rule, published on March 14, 2013, will now be effective April 5, 2014. Previously it was scheduled to take effect on January 8, 2014. Additionally, the Office of Management … Continue reading

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Watch a Free Webinar Series!

Recognize this Picture? No, it’s not a game but we do hope that you recognize the image from our Go Global Webinar Series. Yesterday we held our last webinar of the series. Throughout the 11 presentations we learned how government … Continue reading

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Why are Export Statistics and the Foreign Trade Regulations Important To You?

By: Sean Kline Why are export statistics important to the average person? The average person in America may not find export statistics relevant. What they may not realize is that the balance of trade (as presented in the U.S. International … Continue reading

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Watch a Free Webinar: Trade Financing Part 2

By: Omari Wooden Learn about the financing options available to help you start exporting with our seventh webinar of the Go Global series,  Trade Financing: Part 2. Working capital is available under a U.S. government-guaranteed loan program or as a direct loan … Continue reading

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Caution: HOT Commodity!

By: Stephen Jackson What do people need most to get work done? COFFEE! I personally love coffee. No matter what the time of day or where it comes from, there’s nothing like a fresh cup of coffee! A cup of … Continue reading

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Use Data To Pick Your Next Market

By: Omari Wooden If you want to start exporting, but not sure where to start, you should tune in to the Go Global Webinar Series. The Census Bureau partnered with other government agencies to bring to you the resources available … Continue reading

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Compliance and Confidentiality: Acquiring your Export Data

By: Shannon Barley Exporting companies can contact the Census Bureau to request their Electronic Export Information (EEI) at any time. Have you ever wondered if your EEI is protected from the eyes of others? We are here to help you … Continue reading

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