September 2014, Trade Deficit Increase

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By: Ariel Sedeño

After decreasing for four consecutive months, the trade deficit in goods and services increased by $3.0 billion to $43.0 billion in the month of September. The increase in the deficit was driven by exports decreasing by $3.0 billion to $195.6 billion, while imports increased by $0.1 billion to $238.6 billion. Goods accounted for most of the decrease in exports, down $2.6 billion to $136.1 billion. In addition, imports of consumer goods and non-petroleum imports were both the highest on record at $47.7 billion and $170.2 billion respectively.

In the previous two years, imports of pumpkins from Canada increased significantly in the month of September and through October. In September 2012, imports of pumpkins from Canada were recorded at 3.5 million kilograms and then 3.2 million in September 2013. Outside of this range of time, Canada, who is our largest trading partner for pumpkins, transforms into the primary country that the U.S. exports pumpkins, squash and gourds to. Please be sure to visit our “Graph of the Month” page for a visual representation of the export and import trends of pumpkins with Canada.

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