Exporting Vehicles to Canada

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By: Autumn Banks

canadian carAre you exporting a used self-propelled vehicle to Canada? Did you know that you are now required to file export information on your vehicle to the Automated Export System (AES)?

Do you need help understanding this new requirement? Well, we are here to HELP!

Wait! I thought most shipments to Canada were exempt from filing?

It all started March 14, 2013, when we published a new requirement that you must file used self-propelled vehicles in the AES 72 hours prior to export, no matter the value or country of ultimate destination (including Canada). This requirement went into effect April 5, 2014.

Note: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) considers a vehicle to be “used” if the legal title of the vehicle is transferred by the manufacturer, distributor or dealership to the purchaser of the vehicle.

Ok… So what am I required to do?

U.S. Citizens, U.S. Residents or U.S. Companies

If you are a U.S. resident or U.S. company exporting a used self-propelled vehicle to Canada, you have TWO filing options:

Option 1*

  1. Register for AESDirect (if you do not have your own AES software)
  2. File export information on your vehicle
  3. Receive your Internal Transaction Number (ITN)

Option 2*

  1. Select and authorize a U.S. Agent (i.e. Freight Forwarder, Broker, etc.) to file export information to the AES on your behalf
  2. Obtain the ITN from the authorized agent

*For vehicle shipments, be sure to submit your export information to the AES and provide CBP with your ITN 72 hours prior to export.

Nonresidents or Foreign Companies

Follow Option 2 listed above.                                                                                                             Foreign persons visiting the U.S. cannot register to file through AES or AESDirect.

REMEMBER, we implemented an informed compliance period to allow you to prepare for this new requirement. Between now and October 2, 2014, no penalties will apply if you fail to comply with the new filing requirements.

If you have questions regarding the new requirement, please contact the Regulations, Outreach, and Education Branch at 1-800-549-0595, option #3 or e-mail ftdregs@census.gov.

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