Why Tap into International Markets?

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By: Omari Wooden

Why tap into international markets? Bottom line: exporting increases your sales and competitiveness. In 2013, American exports rose to $2.3 trillion. Don’t miss out!trade

If you’re not sure where to start, the best bet is to look directly at the data. We can help. Every month, the U.S. Census Bureau releases detailed information on over 9,000 export commodities and 18,000 import commodities. This information can help you track the global marketplace for your product, identify possible opportunities to expand your business and make informed decisions.

Another option is for U.S. businesses to attend international trade shows. Why?

  1. That’s Where the Money Is – Shows Are located in High-Growth Markets That Attract Buyers With Money to Spend
  2. Surrounded by Experts – Help Is Available Before, During and After the Show
  3. Government Help – U.S. and State governments can help you get the most out of International Trade Shows.

View this video for highlights on different opportunities you can find at International Trade Shows, such as the Arab Health Trade Show in Dubai.

For more information on attending international trade shows, please contact the U.S. Commercial Service at 1-800-USA-TRADE (872-8723).

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One Response to Why Tap into International Markets?

  1. Timothy Carter says:

    I think so many companies and businesses don’t make the leap to international trade show exhibits because of the fear of loss. Loss of time, loss of investment in the trade show display, travel expense and so much more.

    But if they have a product that is universal in appeal, they’ve got a great opportunity to gain a huge revenue stream they never considered.

    Timothy Carter

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