Coming to an Area Near You! AES Compliance Seminars

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Audience Listening To Presentation At Conference 2-27-2014







How well do you know the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) and the Automated Export System (AES)? The AES Compliance Seminars provide you with in-depth training to help you understand the regulations and utilize the AES.

On the first day, subject matter experts present on topics such as how to maintain compliance with the FTR, classify your products and file in the AES. On the second day, AESPcLink workshops provide attendees a hands-on training to file export information. They are offered in both English and Spanish.

For locations of our upcoming seminars, go to the registration page.

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  1. Ivo Sohajek says:

    I’m curious to ‘NEI’ 🙂
    However, I wish you success!

    One person from the EU

    MDr. Ivo Sohajek

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