Watch a Free Webinar: Trade Financing Part I

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By: Omari Wooden

Yesterday we held the sixth webinar of the Go Global series focusing on: “Trade Financing: Part I”.

Learn more about the financing options to get started. Working capital is available under a U.S. government-guaranteed loan program or as a direct loan up to $500,000 to help fund any export development activity including:

  • Translating your product literature or website
  • Participation in a foreign trade show or trade mission
  • Foreign travel to meet potential business partners
  • Funding your export orders

As if that did not sound good enough, there are also guaranteed-loans for up to $5 million available to fund your export transactions. In addition, a credit insurance policy allows you to reduce 95% risk of non-payment.  Watch the webinar to learn more.

The next free webinar is on August 13 and will also focus on Trade Financing.

To register:
1.  Approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the webinar, go to our training page.
2.  Click on the Go Global webinar series.
3.  Click on the log-in information and call into the dial-in number.

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