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By: Omari Wooden
Allow me to reintroduce myself… My name is Omari Wooden, Senior Foreign Trade Advisor at the US Census Bureau. You may recognize me from my previous role as the Trade Ombudsman. As the Ombudsman (om-bud dz-man) I was a liaison between the export trade community and several Government agencies on a wide range of topics. Now, as the Senior Foreign Trade Advisor my primary responsibility is to oversee the outreach and marketing related to our trade statistics, Foreign Trade Regulations, and the Automated Export System.

So how can I help you?

  • Educate U.S. businesses on how to use our trade statistics to expand into the global marketplace
  • Respond to inquires covering a wide range of topics, from interpreting the FTR to utilizing USATradeOnline, the official online source for U.S. merchandise trade statistics.
  • Coordinate training around the country to assist U.S. businesses with AES reporting, enforcement issues, classification tools, and other matters.
  • Provide guidance and best practice recommendations on export compliance.

Feel free to contact me to discuss any of these issues… I look forward to working with you.

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16 Responses to Meet Your Senior Foreign Trade Advisor

  1. Elyse says:

    Excellent news! I provide training for entrepreneurs for exporting. In my classes, I always tell the attendees that the government people are so helpful and really take the time to answer questions. With that being said, what is your contact information to email you questions as they arise. Many thanks, Elyse

  2. Monique Traad says:

    Welcome to your new position!
    Very important indeed…
    I will like to sectorize a bit more our statistics, to be more specific in SURGICAL DISPOSABLES…
    MOnique Traad MS BME

  3. Brigitte Adolphsen says:

    Omari, congratulations to that promotion of yours. I am interested all the time in global topics. I am a Business Broker in Atlanta, GA, originally from Germany and I have a lot of international contacts. As a matter of fact my best friend, is the General Manager from the World Trade Center Atlanta. Maybe a contact with them would be interesting for you as well, you never know.
    Take care and have a great day!

  4. Angela Pong says:

    Dear Mr. Wooden,

    Thank you for your introduction letter and offer to help. I was wondering if it’s possible to make accessing AESDirect a little simpler for the infrequent users. 1. The password requirement is complicated and once created, it’s difficult to memorize. 2. The duration of the password validity is too short, only good for 30 days. 3. The reactivation process is cumbersom.

    Please go through this process yourself then let me know if you would consider it “best practice”?

    Thank you for giving me a chance to voice my opinion.

    Best regards,

  5. Elvira T. Asuncion says:

    I am presently involved in program operations and administration of an Asian Cultural Exchanges and Entrepreneurship initiative being spearheaded by three schools within our university system. Knowing you’re there to provide data, statistics and related information will surely enhance our research capacities.

    Hope to connect with you soon on our needs.


  6. Dennis says:

    Congratulations, Omari – have enjoyed your insight on last years webinar series. All the best & continued success in your new position!

  7. Global Reach Stephen says:

    Thanks Angela for your feedback.
    AESDirect is a government-owned information system, and therefore, it must adhere to security requirements mandated by the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). While I understand the frustration this may cause, these measures are put into place to keep your information safeguarded.
    We have been reviewing feedback from the trade and are currently in the process of redesigning the interface, taking into account feedback like yours. So we thank you for your input!

  8. Timothy May says:

    Congrats on your new position. I will be tapping on your shoulder as we here are expanding into new markets around the world.

  9. Global Reach Omari says:

    @Elyse… I agree… We have a great staff here in the US Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division ready to assist companies with regulations, export reporting and trade statistics. My direct email is and my number is 301-763-3829.

  10. Global Reach Omari says:

    @Monique… You can contact me directly and I can let you know how to get more details on surgical disposables. Also, you can reach our Data Dissemination Branch on 800-549-0595 x4 and they can provide you with more details on accessing our trade statistics.

  11. Global Reach Omari says:

    @Brigette… I look forward to working with you on different aspects of international trade. We are planning to have our all day training session in Savannah, GA in early December. The seminar topics include export regulations, best practices in compliance, classification assistance, and licensing requirements. It’s a great opportunity for anyone looking to learn more about the export process.

  12. Global Reach Omari says:

    @Dennis @Timothy… Thanks… I look forward to working closely with you and the trade community… And speaking on last year’s webinar series, we are the process of developing another series this spring. Stay tuned…

  13. Global Reach Omari says:

    @Elvira… We are definitely here to assist you. We provide detailed information on over 9,000 export commodities and 18,000 import commodities. This timely information helps US businesses determine an international market for their product and in which market they can be competitive.

  14. Victor MR Vincent says:

    Hi Omari,
    I am an expert in Indian Indirect Taxes, Regulatory System, Customs Regulations & International Trade and am glad to come across your profile. I hope we can co-ordinate on any US-India project for the benefit of our clients.

  15. Lee Bailey says:

    Our company is new the the Foreign Trade business. Are there any FTR or AES 101 courses offered in Atlanta, GA or in any other place?

  16. Global Reach Stephen says:

    @ Lee Bailey, This is a great question. We will be doing an Automated Export System Compliance Seminar in Savannah, GA on December 4th, 2013. You can find a full list of our upcoming seminars here.

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