United States Postal Service Exemption Codes

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By: Thomas White

Do you have a holiday package you need to ship out of the country?

We have received many calls from customers using the United States Postal Service (USPS) website.

When you visit the USPS.com, it gives several options to choose from when supplying package information to the site for proper mailing (‘Enter Customs Information’). Let us clarify a couple of key elements:

Proof of Filing Citation (PFC): notification confirming that you filed to the Automated Export System. This is also known as the Internal Transaction Number or ITN.
AES Exemption : If you are not required to file, this note indicates why you are exempt from filing.

Choosing the Appropriate Exemption

On USPS.com, the two main options to choose from are: 30.36 and 30.37(a). Take a look at what they mean:

  • 30.36: Use for shipments destined to Canada that do not require a license, regardless of value.
  • 30.37(a): Use for shipments under $2,500 destined to countries other than Canada that do not require a license.

For more information about these exemptions and/or other regulation questions, please use the following link:

Full list of exemptions and/or other regulation questions

If you are still unsure, give us a call at 800-549-0595, option 3 to speak with a specialist.

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  1. Thelma Willis says:

    Signing up to receive updates, from this website, was the best move I’ve made, for my career, in logistics. Thank you,

  2. mehdi-rezaei says:

    thanks for you

  3. Paul says:

    Very Intresting. Thank you.

  4. cang says:

    how do I find a complete list of AES exemptions? is there one for UPS.

    • Global Reach Daniel says:

      A summary of exemptions and exclusions from filing electronic export information in the AES is located in Appendix C to Part 30 of the Foreign Trade Regulations. Additionally, no exemption exists that would exempt a shipper from filing because of a certain carrier choosen.

  5. Marshall says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

  6. find-way-net says:

    Any covered financial institution which maintains a correspondent account in the United States for a foreign bank shall maintain records in the United States identifying the owners of such foreign bank and the name and address of a person who resides in the United States and is authorized to accept service of legal process for records regarding the correspondent account.

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