Trade Term: Schedule B

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By: Bibi Khan

You went to mail a shipment and your carrier asked you to provide them a Schedule B number.

What is that? A Schedule B number is a 10-digit number used in the United States to classify physical goods for export to another country. The Schedule B is based on the international Harmonized System of 6-digit commodity classification codes. There is a Schedule B number for every physical product, from paperclips to airplanes.

Why do I need a Schedule B number?  Schedule B numbers are used by the Foreign Trade Division to collect and publish the U.S. export statistics. Schedule B numbers are required to be reported in the Automated Export System when shipments are valued over $2,500 or the item requires a license.

How do I get one? You can find your Schedule B number using the online Schedule B Search. My colleague Justin wrote an earlier blog post on how to use the search.  For even further guidance, watch our training video below.  If you need export classification assistance, email or call 1-800-549-0595, Menu Option #2.

Don’t forget! Every physical good has a Schedule B number. Join us in our efforts to maintain accurate trade statistics, and classify your product using the correct Schedule B number. 

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