What Is A Used Vehicle?

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By: Eric Gauthier

It is always a great moment when you buy a car. It does not matter if it’s used or the dream car that you always wanted since you were a kid. Even if it has over 100,000 miles, the first time you open its doors, you still get that “new car smell” and treat it as a brand new car. That brings me to today’s topic: how to determine what is a used car in the Automated Export System (AES).

How does AES define a Used Vehicle?

A used vehicle, according to Customs and Border Protection CFR 192.2, is defined as “any self-propelled vehicle the equitable or legal title to which has been transferred by a manufacturer, distributor, or dealer to an ultimate purchaser.”

What does that mean? It means that unless you’re buying a car directly from the manufacturer, it’s used. That’s right, a car coming out of the dealership is used. Another example of a used vehicle (for AES purposes) would be if you bought a vehicle online and have not even seen it physically yet.

Now that you have determined that your car is considered a used vehicle for the AES, what would be required to complete the Electronic Export Information (EEI)?

In AESDirect, you need to select “Yes” under the question “Is this commodity a Used Vehicle?”

Then complete the fields:

  • VIN/Product ID: Provide the Vehicle Identification Number. If not available, you can submit a Product Identification Number for the vehicle.
  • ID Type: Identify the type of identification number reported
  • Vehicle Title Number: Report the title number for the car
  • Vehicle Title State: Indicate the state where the title was issued

If you do not provide this information, the system will not allow you to submit your EEI.

Only certain Schedule B numbers will allow you to report used vehicles and to complete those additional fields. See Rosanna’s post on this.

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4 Responses to What Is A Used Vehicle?

  1. Marianna Zaparyniuk says:

    I am moving to Canada and am trying to export my 2011 VW Jetta SE, 5 Cyl 2.5 liter vehicle (spark ignition). Do I need an HTS/Schedule B number since it is a personal vehicle. I have everything completed, however, when I leave that line and the description line blank it comes back incomplete – when I put the number 8703220000 as that seems to be the best number for my type of vehicle and describe it as a” personal motor vehicle”, it still comes back as incomplete. Everything else seems to be fine. Please help as I have spent much to much time, have tried calling the help desk and waited over an hour with no reply. Thank you for your assistance and prompt attention to my request. Marianna Zaparyniuk

    • Global Reach Stephen says:

      @ Marianna, in the description box you will just need to provide a description of the car. Do not repeat the HS number but rather include what you listed in your text 2011 VW Jetta SE and maybe the color. The idea is to identify what that specific commodity is under that HS number.

  2. Gail Coppens says:


    I am Canadian from Ontario who moved to the Alabama with my Canadian purchased 2012 Range Rover Evoque and I am the original owner. I imported my vehicle to the U.S. and it now has Alabama plates and I have the Alabama title. I am returning to Canada to work and I now need to reverse the process and bring my vehicle back into the Canada. The Canadian aspect of the process sounds staring forward. However, I am getting mixed replies and direction for the U.S. side. I will crossing at Detroit. I just need to know what is required.

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