I’ve never seen this pop-up before? Did the system change?

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By: Eric Gauthier

As previously mentioned, AESDirect has a new platform and new servers. As part of the transition process, some changes were made to the checks and validations in AESDirect. Let’s take a look at changes that have generated the most feedback from the trade community:

1- Transportation Reference Number

The Transportation Reference Number is a conditional field to be reported for certain shipments. The only time a Transportation Reference Number is required is when the shipment’s mode of transportation is vessel. The field is optional if the mode of transportation is air or truck.

If you report a transportation reference number and receive the above message, it means the format you have entered for the transportation reference number is incorrect. You need to enter the number using an “NNN-NNNNNNNN” format.

2- Port of Unlading

POUThe Port of Unlading field is required for all vessel shipments and any air shipments between the United States and Puerto Rico. Some users are attempting to provide the port of unlading code even if it is not required. Previously, AESDirect would allow you to enter the code, however; the website will no longer accept the code when it is not required.

3- 1st Quantity to Report when Units for 1st Quantity shows “No Unit Required”

The Schedule B or Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) field is required for every shipment except when reporting household goods. If you select Export Code HH for exports of personal and household goods or tools of the trade, do not report a quantity for the commodity. Leave the field blank.

Once you enter your Schedule B or HTS Number, AESDirect will automatically populate the unit of measure required for the 1st and 2nd quantity. If the unit of measure indicates “No Unit Required”, do not enter a 1st or 2nd quantity. Leave the field blank. Otherwise, you will see the following pop-up message:


4- Phone Number Format

Phone numbers in AESDirect must be reported without any dashes, parentheses, or other characters to avoid getting the error message above.

We appreciate your patience and accommodation through the recent transition. Be mindful that the changes to the system have improved data accuracy and have significantly reduced fatal errors. This is ultimately helping us to help you get it right the first time!

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