How do I report Heavy Machinery?

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By: Rosanna Torres

There Forklift are times where heavy machinery is classified as a self-propelled vehicle and the Schedule B number used to identify the merchandise in AES requires additional information. This includes Vehicle Title information.

What commodities require vehicle information?
To verify which numbers require this information, take a look at Appendix U. The Appendix U in the AESTIR includes the commodity classification numbers for used self-propelled vehicles. You will notice that soVIN/Prme of these numbers are bold and some are not. The numbers highlighted in bold require the additional vehicle information.  The other numbers will allow vehicle information to be reported, but do not require the additional information.

What’s the case when there is no title for the machinery?
Sometimes there is no vehicle title, but a bill of sale or other documentation can prove ownership. In the documentation, you can locate the product’s serial number. The serial number will be used in AES under the VIN/Product ID field. For those of you who export fork lifts and other heavy construction equipment, report the serial number as a Product ID and leave the Vehicle Title Number and Vehicle Title State Code blank.

  • If you select the Vehicle ID Qualifier type as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), you must report as follows:

            Vehicle Blog VIN

  • If you select the Vehicle ID Qualifier as Product ID (Product Identification Number),you must report as follows:

   Vehicle Blog Product ID


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  1. Manana Gagulashvilli says:

    Thank You.

  2. cartran says:

    This was very helpful as our company handlers and purchases Heavy Machinery from time to time….

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