A Video On How To Use The Shipment Manager

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Click on the video below to view a short lesson on the perks of using the AESDirect program’s new Shipment Manager!

You will learn how to:

  • Easily locate, manage and monitor EEI submitted by your company through AESDirect
  • Quickly determine current shipment status
  • Download export data to a spreadsheet to create customizable reports

Check it out!




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2 Responses to A Video On How To Use The Shipment Manager

  1. Sara Friedman says:

    Is there security issues in place for Shipment Manager? I am talking about corporate issues such as competitors spying on each other – I have even known competitors to steal each other’s merchandise- this Shipment Manager seems to help them with their objective.

  2. Global Reach - Rosanna says:

    Sara – The Shipment Manager can only be accessed upon login to AESDirect. Therefore, you will only be able to see the shipments your Company Account has transmitted to AES.
    The Automated Export System undergoes cautious Information Security screening in order to guarantee no Personally Identifiable Information is disclosed to unauthorized third parties. That’s the reason you’re password must be so complicated. Even the login process is controlled by federal security issued standards to ensure stewardship of your trade data. Hope this helps!

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