Do You Know the Requirements for Importing a Rough Diamond?

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By: Erin Days

Rough Diamond1 Earlier this year, I was in a geology class and was assigned a project on different minerals; I chose rough diamonds. In my search to buy one, I found this one carat rough diamond for about $60 from Belgium. I researched the diamond and the company to make sure it was Kimberley Process certified before I made my purchase, see Are Your Rough Diamonds Kimberley Process Certified. Once I made sure it was certified, I made my purchase.

After some time, I got a call from a representative at the U.S. Census Bureau. Initially, I figured it was for some survey, but then they started asking about a rough diamond purchase. I explained to them that I did purchase one for a class project. That’s when I was informed about the requirements of importing a rough diamond.

The representative informed me that a U.S. Customs Border and Protection (CBP) entry had to be filed electronically via the Automatic Broker Interface (ABI) or by paper (CBPF-7501). Once the shipment was received, I had to fax a copy of the Kimberley Certificate to the U.S. Census Bureau for statistical purposes. He mentioned I had to keep records of the certificate for at least five years. Luckily, I still had the Kimberley certificate. Rough Diamond2

Later that year, I received a call from the U.S. State Department. They said I was required to provide an annual report that included my total import activity to their agency, due annually on April 1. I thought “WOW! All this for importing a rough diamond?” However, I know the Kimberley Process is a great cause, so of course I wouldn’t mind the additional work.

After I completed the whole process I realized that this was a good learning experience. I wanted to share my experience and provide you some insight. I provided a brief list of some facts you need to know before you import a rough diamond; especially for the one timer such as myself.

 Requirements for Importing a Rough Diamond

For more information on these requirements, you can visit

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6 Responses to Do You Know the Requirements for Importing a Rough Diamond?

  1. Abhishek bhandari says:

    if someone have to import rough diamond or ruby, sapphire in huge quantity what are the requirement for it in india

  2. Global Reach Erin says:

    Thank you for your inquiry. If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for the requirements for importation of high quantities of rough diamonds, rubies, and sapphires into India. For import requirements for India in regards to rough diamonds, contact the Indian Kimberley Process Authority. In regards to the importation of rubies and sapphires into India, contact the India’s Customs agency.
    The contact information for each are provided in the links below. Hope this addresses your question.

  3. Jessica James says:

    Nice article! My friend has been currently looking for diamond importers that would cater to her jewelry business. Its good to know about this standards. Its quite difficult to look for service provider nowadays that maintains the highest ethical standards in the industry.

  4. Ryan E says:

    So what method of transportation did you use to get the diamond to you? I have some rough diamonds purchased from Africa, I want to make sure even with the KPC it will arrive lets say using UPS or Fedex. Is this possible thanks!

  5. Import Procedure India says:


    Thanks a lot for sharing such a good source with all, i appreciate your efforts taken for the same. I found this worth sharing and must share this with all.

  6. Troy Davidson says:

    Hi sorry to have to ask this,but I am interested starting my own business in the importation of rough stone from Africa,can some please suggest to me how to legally do this,I know I need to be cirtificated but do I go about getting cirtificated? Or is it that I need to make sure that any stone bought are from a credited supply?….

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