Why Did I Get a Verify Message?

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By: Eric Gauthier

In previous blog postings we have talked about Fatal Error and Compliance Alert response messages, but there’s anotVerify_Manher type of message that gets a lot of attention, VERIFY.

This means certain fields reported in the Electronic Export Information (EEI) must be double-checked or verified for accuracy. If you have checked the fields indicated by the response messages and everything looks good, then no further action is required. However, if the field is not correct, make the necessary changes and resubmit.

How to Handle Most Verify Messages

  1. Verify that the goods are classified under the proper Schedule B or Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Number.
  2. Verify the value of the goods reported (convert foreign currencies to whole U.S. dollars).
  3. Verify the quantity reported, including any conversions made to metric units such as pounds to kilograms.
  4. If you identify any errors, please correct and retransmit. If the line item was verified and reported correctly, no action is necessary.


Look at the sample message below. It is an example of the response email message sent by
AESDirect. Notice that even though there is a verify message, the EEI was accepted and an ITN was generated. On the first line, you see “Value/Shping WGT out of Range.” In response to this message,
you want to pull up your shipment and double-check the fields “Value” and “Shipping Weight” in the Commodity Line Section. If both state the correct number and are listed in the correct units of measure, then no action is required. If they are incorrect, change as necessary. Repeat this process for all other lines within the message.

Here are two of the most common Verify messages:

  • Response Code: 8H1 – Value/Quantity 1 Out of Range – High
  • Response Code: 8L1 – Value/Quantity 1 Out of Range – Low

Are there any other Verify messages that you often receive and would like to see more information on? The Foreign Trade Division at the U.S. Census Bureau determines the parameters for each Schedule B or HTS Number reported in the EEI. These parameters are established through analysis of historical statistical averages for the specific commodity. The Verify messages you receive are triggered if the numbers you enter fall outside of the parameters. For information on how to get these parameters changed, please see the Parameter Change Request Form.


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3 Responses to Why Did I Get a Verify Message?

  1. Richard F. Wolf says:

    I might have inadvertantly deleted the actual
    verify message that was sent! I you will please
    send another.
    Thank you,
    Richard Wolf

  2. Keith Robertson says:

    Will customs hold my shipment if the EEI has “Do Not submit printout to Customs”, but all my information is correct? I keep getting “verify: 8L1 value/quantity 1 out of range- low

    • ITMD Global Reach says:

      The response message you are getting is a verify message, which is informational only. The system is pointing out a possible incorrect value or quantity since the unit price your reported is outside of the typical range. If it is correct then no action is required. Also, you do not have to provide the printout to Customs because they have access to view all the information you filed.

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