New Fatal Error Suppression Template

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By: Nyitre Rodgers

Do you like faster and more efficient service? If you need to submit a request to suppress shipments, follow the example below.  It shows you how to create a spreadsheet with the information required. The Automated Export System Branch (AESB) will be able to process your requests faster and more efficiently.

Download Suppression Template

Background of Fatal Error Reports and Suppressions

The fatal error reports are sent to filers on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. The fatal error report contains a list of all outstanding shipments that have been rejected due to a fatal error. There will be cases when you can request the suppression and cases when your shipment must be suppressed, such as the following examples:

  • Shipment filed and exported under a different Shipment Reference Number that was accepted and has a valid ITN.
  • Shipment never exported
  • Unable to correct errors

See the scenarios below to understand when you would qualify for one of the above examples.

Suppression Scenarios

Scenario #1: Shipment filed under a new reference number and received an ITN.

When attempting to file the electronic export information (EEI), a fatal error was receiveFatal Errord. Instead of correcting the error, a new shipment was created with a new shipment reference number. The rejected shipment needs to be suppressed.

Note – If you receive a fatal error on a shipment in the future, please correct that shipment instead of creating a new one.

Scenario #2: The shipment was never exported.

When attempting to file the EEI, a fatal error was received. The error was not corrected and shipment was not exported.

Scenario #3: Unable to correct the error

The attempt to delete/cancel the EEI was done twice by accident. The rejection needs to be suppressed.

Note – Some shipments require action by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer. CBP action is required when attempting to edit or delete a shipment that has been seized, held, examined, or opened. These shipments will generate fatal error codes 068, 072, or 073.

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5 Responses to New Fatal Error Suppression Template

  1. PENNY CASH says:

    HOW do we submit the template to you? Is this just a tool for our records?
    I don’t see any instructions for submitting the spreadsheet to AES.

  2. Nyitre says:

    The template is not intended to simply be a tool for your records although that is a added bonus. To submit the template you can attach it in the reply when you recieve your fatal error report or simply draft an email to the following email address including the template. Send the suppression template to:

  3. Kevin Carlson says:

    Penny, the address to send fatal error supression requests to is:
    It would be a nice addition to the template to add a field for the shipper’s EIN. I believe it is required for successful supression of the errors.

  4. Mary Hall says:

    If you email the suppression request and do not talk to AES Support, how do you know that your Fatal Error has been suppressed? Will they email you back?


    • ITMD Global Reach says:


      you will know that your shipment has been suppressed if you no longer see that error on your next report, you should also receive an email from our Fatal Error Team confirming the suppression. If you would like to check on the suppression, you can always contact our AES Client Support at 800-549-0595 option 1.

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