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By: Janet Freas

You may have noticed the “New! Search database” bullet in the “News” section on the Foreign Trade  Main page. So what’s that all about? Screenshot of Key Economic Indicator Search Database
The Economic Directorate of the U.S. Census Bureau is excited to provide a user-friendly searchable database of high-level historical and current Key Economic Indicators on the internet.

The database utilizes:

  • drop-down menus for selecting the report (Indicator),
  • geographic level,
  • time range,
  • data category,
  • data item.

It can be reached from the Economic Indicators Briefing room or from the Division’s page that created the indicator. Currently it includes:

  • U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services;
  • Quarterly Services Reports; and
  • Manufacturers’ Shipment, Inventories, and Orders.

The database will be updated with the most currently released statistics within one hour of the official release. The goal is to provide 12 Economic Indicators from this database. More indicators will be added on a flow basis.

So what Foreign Trade statistics are available on this searchable database? U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services database begins with 1992 revised monthly statistics. Data users can select seasonally adjusted Balance of Payment of Goods and Services (BOP), balance, exports, or imports. Or they can select Balance of Payments of Goods, balance, exports, or imports.

The “Search Database” link is available from the under “Related Sites” box of the Foreign Trade website.


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