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Used Vehicle Filing

By: Dan Cariello Lately, the commodity analysis branch has received a number of phone calls regarding the classification of used vehicles. This issue is actually related to the rules and regulations of exporting a used vehicle and the required data elements … Continue reading

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P.O. Box Numbers

By: Ryan Coleman Harold is sitting in his office filling out his electronic export information. He’s going through all the steps of the electronic filing process in order to get his shipment moving; steps which include product classification, country of destination, … Continue reading

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Filing Citations and Exemption Legends

By: Sean Kline Overview A filing citation is a notation placed on the commercial loading documentation indicating that Electronic Export Information (EEI) filed in the Automated Export System (AES) has been accepted or will be filed in the AES. In contrast, … Continue reading

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A look into the AES Downtime Policy

By: Rosanna Torres The Inside Scoop As it is with all technology, there is always a possibility for system interruption. Although we have dedicated people working continuously behind the scenes maintaining the system, what can I say? Even the Titanic was … Continue reading

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May Trade Data Released

By: Joe Kafchinski Trade Deficit Increases in May The Nation’s international trade deficit in goods and services increased to $42.3 billion in May 2010 from $40.3 billion (revised) in April, as imports increased more than exports.  Exports were up $3.5 … Continue reading

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Classifying Brand Name Products

By: Josephine Ocheni The beauty of the new Schedule B search engine is its recognition of brand name products. We live in a technological age where things are constantly being improved upon. Better versions of older models are being reintroduced and products … Continue reading

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The Shoe Almost Always Fits:The Almost Complete Compatibility of the Import and Export Schedules

By: David Johnson Our #1 Goal Sometimes I like to remind myself what my real job is: helping the trade community. Our #1 goal is to provide accurate and timely trade data and we want the burden to be minimal. One … Continue reading

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