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By: Sean Kline 

How to Get a Year’s Worth of EEI Data for FREE!

Hello to the world of trade! Did you know that you can submit a data request and get 12 months of your company’s AES records for free? Data requests are a great way to help maintain compliance with the Foreign Trade Regulations and are provided free of charge once a year.

Common reasons to submit a Data Request:

  • Internal audit of your AES records
  • To ensure that freight forwarders filing on your behalf are filing accurate and complete data
  • To ensure you have 5 years of complete records to adhere to the Foreign Trade Regulations


  1. Companies can currently request 12 months of data free of charge every 365 days. You can also request more than 12 months of data or submit additional data requests within the 365-day timeframe for a fee of $125 more per month.
  2. Send your request to the Regulations, Outreach and Education Branch with your Certification of Authority included.
  3. We will then accumulate all your EEI data in Excel spreadsheets for your convenience
  4. Once we have accumulated your data, we will send you a letter with instructions on how to download your data from our secure server

If this information sounds like something that would appeal to you then just send us an email at and we’ll be happy to answer you questions.

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