Make sure your AESDirect company account information is up to date!

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By: Rosanna Torres

The Log In Screen in AESDirect There are many reasons that you may need to update your AESDirect account. For example: the registered Account Administrator might have left the company, the e-mail address on the profile might have changed, or your company simply might have created an e-mail account solely to receive reports at a general address.

Whatever the case may be, updating your account information is quick, easy and essential to ensure you receive all information regarding your AESDirect account. Be mindful that Compliance and Fatal Error reports are sent to the e-mail address stored under the Account Administrator’s profile.

To update the information on each company profile, follow these steps:

The Contact Information section in the Registration Form

1. Log in to the Account Administrator’s AESDirect account.

2. Locate the Account Maintenance section. Click on the Update Account Profile link. (Only available under Account Administrator’s Account)

3. Review the information currently on your profile and click on Update Account Profile if changes are needed. Click Continue.

4. Enter all new information. Click Continue.

5. Enter the new email address again in the “Confirm        E-mail” field under the Administrator’s section. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the form and complete all  fields. Click Continue.

6. The following message will display:

Confirmation that the profile has been changed.

For more information on maintaining your account, visit:  If you have problems updating any information, contact AESDirect Technical Help Desk at (877) 715-4433 or by e-mail at


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  1. Oleg mart says:

    Great article!One question though, why am i always getting an error message when logging in using a different PC?
    – Oleg Mart

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