Renewable Energy, Employment and Foreign Trade

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By: Dan Cariello

The country’s growing need for renewable energy has created a large demand for the export and import of one major commodity, wind powered generating sets. You may have seen these giant sentinels, which span for miles on end over open fields. These generators power massive blades that chop into the wind and provide substantial amounts of renewable energy to counties all across the country. The peak season for wind farm projects is typically during the warm months of the year, beginning in the spring and carrying on through the end of the summer. This is a look at the export and import data published by the Census Bureau:

Download Exports_Chart

 Download Imports_Chart

These massive projects not only provide the country with renewable energy, but also have an added bonus in our troubled economy. With large projects, we are sure to find a lot of attention focused on these wind farms. The American Wind Energy Association recently expressed its desire for Congress to pass legislation that will “strengthen the proposed Congressional renewable electricity standard (RES) in order to protect American jobs and maintain America’s leadership status in the increasingly competitive global wind power industry.”


Following the fluctuations in the trade data provides insight to the magnitude of these projects. It gets interesting especially when news about where and what projects are popping up all around the country each month. With growing concern about renewable energy and employment rates, it is critical that accurate values are reported and reflected in the foreign trade statistics.


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  2. Ditech Home Loan says:

    I’m in Orange County and actually haven’t seen the power generators out here yet. However, I think it’s important that we, as a nation invest in alternative and especially renewable energy. Not to mention the jobs that these large projects produce. It will be nice to see more companies embracing renewable energy and working together to solve the energy crisis.

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